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Rally & Roots Zodiac Planter | Aquarius | $19.99
Rally & Roots

Rally & Roots Zodiac Planter | Aquarius | $19.99

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This lovely hand painted terracotta planter is made to proudly display beautiful succulents, cacti and herbs in your home. They make an adorable addition to any room in your home, studio, business or office.

Details: The pot is sealed with acrylic sealer to protect against water damage, chipping and smudging. Features a small hole in the bottom for easy watering and drainage. Planters DO NOT come with a plant. Please note that because each pot is individually hand painted, the pot you receive may vary slightly from the one pictured (but you will love just as much!)

The Designer: Rally /ˈralē/ verb: to recover in health, spirits, or poise. We believe that since plants make people happy, planters can make people happy, too. Long gone are the days where planters are merely just a decoration; our pots have been created to boost your mood with a cute, sweet or inspiring quoteEvery one of our terracotta planters are hand painted and hand stamped from our home workshop in Toronto, Canada. Today, over 3,000 of our planters live in happy homes.