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Bring on Spring!

by Kimberly Clerkley
Spring is officially here and this year it's all about femininity, denim, color, soft sweaters, and creative styling that sets the scene for all your fashion forays. 
This spring, the coveted and colorful blazer reemerges as the seasons go to garment. From colorful solids, strong neutrals, to unconventional nautical motifs, the blazer is back and we couldn't be happier.  

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Woo-Hoo, We're Two!


June Ruby just turned two, and I know what you're thinking, 'terrible twos.' But don't go there, because we know that our third year is going to be great! After all, we have a great business, better clients, and awesome clothes, shoes and accessories to boot. 
So at the eve of our third year, we want to send a GIGANTIC thanks to all of you who have taken the time out of your busy lives to contribute to our little business. A lot of you have become not...

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Spring to Summer, Day to Night, Must Haves

Seasonal wardrobes are a hard thing to manage. From the expense of switching things out four times a year to having the time to throw it all together, it is impossible to maintain.  We like the idea of fun, transitional pieces that can take you from one season to another, or from day to night.  The hottest things this season are rompers and off the shoulder numbers. Both of which we think you'll want to live in, as soon as the temps get above the seventies.

Shorts are hard to pull off, especially as we get older, and tans become...

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Introducing: Cupcakes and Cashmere


It’s finally here!

In September 2015 we were in NYC for Spring buying and the new line we walked away most excited about was Cupcakes and Cashmere, created by Emily Schuman, author of the fashion and lifestyle blog of the same name.

Why are we so excited about her line? The pieces are fashionable, well-made, and affordable. We had a hard time narrowing down our selection, even joking with Emily that we might have to rename our stores...

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Black Friday!

Here we are the cusp of Black Friday and we're lucky that we already know what will be selling off the racks.

Last weekend our Denver store hosted a pre-Black Friday event, and there were a number of items that almost everyone wanted to try on, everyone loved and quite a few actually bought. Coupled with a pre-Black Friday promotion, the incentive was there to look good at a great price.


This Bailey44 dress was the envy of all shoppers. Faux leather bottom, silky top, short sleeve and forgiving, make this...

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