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Personal Shopping

Everyone deserves a personal shopper, and we'd love to be yours! 

Everyone deserves a personal shopper, and we'd love to be yours! We know you don't always have the time, desire, or energy to go shopping, so we've designed a 2-minute shopping process! Here's how it works:

  1. You give us pre-selected answers to 4 questions and a $20 deposit.
  2. We put together a box of amazing styles and send them to the address you provide.
  3. You get the box and have 1 week to return whatever doesn't work and keep what you love.
  4. We invoice you any remaining amount or return any difference.
  5. You go on with your day, looking more stylish than ever.


    What size do you typically wear?

    What is your favorite/least favorite feature?

    Where will you be going that you need to look fabulous?

    Work - Business Casual

    Work - Professional

    Special Occasion - Formal

    Special Occasion - Semi-Formal (Bridal/Baby Shower/Less formal wedding)

    Dinner - Date night - make him go crazy over me

    Girls night out - Trendy and fun

    Putzing Around Town - Comfortable and casual

    Any of the above - surprise me!


    If Other is selected:

    Who are your favorite designers?

    What is your preferred method of contact?


    Ahhh, you're an overachiever, are you? Please give us any additional details which will help us help you! For example, colors that compliment you, or styles/silhouettes you won't wear.