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Poppy & Pout

Poppy & Pout Lip Balm | Candy Girl | $12

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Limited edition Valentine's Day lip balms. Super smooth vegan formula uses 100% natural ingredients like sunflower wax to keep your lips hydrated all day long! Lip balm tubes (0.3 oz) are twice the size of a standard lip balm.

Details: Juicy and tangy notes of apple and raspberry candy (like SweeTarts!). 100% Natural Ingredients. Sunflower Derived. Made in the USA. 

The Designer: Making all-natural lip balms by hand in Idaho since 2014. Started with a formula inspired by nature, poured it by hand into the most beautiful tube and it’s been true love ever since! Poppy & Pout products are kind to the environment. We never test on animals, every ingredient is 100% natural, and you can recycle our cardboard tubes when you’ve used it down to the last swipe.