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Oventure Limited Edition Gift Set | Heart Lock Charm Rose Gold Confetti | Key Keepers | $44

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Details: Signature Locking Clasp. Reinforced Shape. One-Size-Fits-All Design. 

About The Designer: The motto at O-Venture is “Carry Only What You Need.” We’ve built our company around this idea and clearly it means way more to us than just as it relates to our product offering. We use “carry only what you need” as an encouragement and a challenge to ourselves and our customers: to focus on the essentials of life, to not get distracted by meaningless clutter, to not let the loads we carry on our shoulders break our backs, whether they are ridiculously heavy handbags or our own ridiculously impossible standards. We want to make women’s lives easier one small detail at a time while putting a smile on their faces.