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FaceTory Facial Oil | Sunflower Glow | $24

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Provide necessary moisture for any dry or dehydrated skin, while also protecting the skin from any environmental damages! This oil has a lightweight feel that absorbs quickly into the skin without feeling tacky! 1.01 oz.

Key Ingredients: Made with Sunflower Seed Oil, this ingredient is loaded with Vitamin E to help protect the skin-barrier and keep it deeply hydrated for softer, smoother skin! Contains antioxidants. Jojoba Oil - A humectant ingredient that protects the skin from losing moisture and can help soothe dry skin conditions. No Sulfates, Parabens, Fragrance, Synthetic Colors, EDTA.

The Designer: Facetory is here to support you in your skincare journey! Creating products that solve your skin concerns in a fun and approachable way. Find your story with FaceTory!