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Amador Collective

Amador Collective Greeting Card | Zodiac Collection | $6

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What's your sign? This is a high quality, high vibrational greeting card that can be used as an art print. Includes mini peace & love sticker. 

Details: Printed on 100% recycled card stock. All Amador Collective cards include a signature stamped envelope, representing the energetic stamp of our mission: to inspire handwritten connection in the digital age. 4¼ x 5½, blank folded card.

The Designer: After being diagnosed with cancer at 29, I began to ask myself the big questions. What is my mission in life? During chemo, my mailbox was filled regularly with cards and gifts from the people I had touched throughout my life. Even though I couldn't see them, I felt their touch, especially in their handwriting. Amador Collective provides a paper space to celebrate the everyday moments and reflect on both the magical and mundane happenings of our lives.