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Chez Gagne' Glass Bottle Matches | Make A Wish | $16
Chez Gagne'

Chez Gagne' Glass Bottle Matches | Make A Wish | $16

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The cutest little home decor for your candles or add it to the gift you're giving to a friend. 

Details: Glass Bottle of 40 qty hot pink colored tipped safety matches.

The Designer: Located in Los Angeles, California, Chez Gagné Letterpress was founded in 2014 by Alex Gagné. As a creative outlet from her job as a Marketing Director for an IT company, Alex started taking night classes to learn the art of letterpress printing. After finding success designing and printing wedding invitations and cards for friends, family and then friends of friends, Chez Gagné became a full-time venture. Today, Chez Gagné Letterpress specializes in custom design and a wholesale line of letterpress greeting cards and wine & spirit tags that can be found in stores across the country.