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Squishable Comfort Food | Peanut Butter Jar | Cute Kid's Stuff | $45

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Not every jar of peanut butter is exactly the same. Some are infused with honey, others are crunchy, and some are silky smooth. All have the feel good vibe. 


Give Back Company: We like the world, so we try to make it a better place. We advertise with webcomics and sponsor artists, and every month we donate to charity for each picture we receive from our users. And every little while we auction off our prototypes for charity too! 

The Designer: Squishable is a technology company with a toy habit. We use our nontraditional backgrounds to make adorable plush – food, animals, mythological creatures, and some that defy classification! Everything we do is centered around audience input - the sites we code, the tools we build, and the stuff we create. More than half of our products are fan-designed. Over the last decade, we have released more than a million Squishables to their new homes in the wild. Here at Squishy HQ in New York City’s Soho, we’re creating things that help people help us make the world a cuter place.