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Splendid Textured Leggings | Leggings | June Ruby

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Splendid Textured Leggings in Asphalt

Rock the best leggings! You will look great while enjoying the soft texture, elastic waist, and slim fit.

Details: Slim fit, elastic waist, full length leggings.

Fabric: 84% Rayon 7% Polyester

Fit: Waist 34" | hip: 24"

Care: Machine wash cold delicate cycle

Made in U.S.A

About Splendid: It all started with the quest for the ultimate t-shirt. On that journey we discovered a love for softness in every form. From the fabric you wear, to the moments you create. At Splendid we believe in bringing people together. That's why what we create fits seamlessly into your life. Filled with color, softness, and a hint of playfulness. It's casual, but polished. So no matter what you're doing you always look as good as you feel in these moments.