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Salty Cali Stella | Gold/Green | Necklaces | $42
Salty Cali

Salty Cali Stella | Gold/Green | Necklaces | $42

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Small and simple tiny little heart pendant with pass through. Hypoallergenic.

Details: 18k gold plated. It's best to take off before entering any body of water, such as a pool, ocean, pond, lake, shower... you get the point.  In the case that you do happen to get tossed in a pool unexpectedly, the best way to clean your favorite piece is to: Place your jewelry in a glass container and soak it in white vinegar for 30 minutes, being careful not to include stones and shells as it will damage these pieces. Instead, clean pieces with stones/pearls with soap and water only. Rinse and dry!


The Designer: Salty Cali collections are inspired by the ocean, beach, surf. Designed and handcrafted in a San Diego showroom just a few steps from the beach, to soak in all the beach vibes :) Each piece is made of unique natural stones, shells, and colorful crystals on 925 Sterling and 18k gold.