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Peachtree Lane Stamped Brass Bar | Vegan | Necklaces | $14.99
Peachtree Lane

Peachtree Lane Stamped Brass Bar | Vegan | Necklaces | $14.99

$28.00 $14.99
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Delicate and minimalistic. Each brass necklace is hand stamped and created with care. 

Details: 1/4" tall and just over 1 1/4" wide. Hanging from a gold plated brass cable chain with a lobster clasp closure.  Necklace measures 17" in length. This pendant will patina over time and can be polished back to its original shine. You can use a polishing cloth to easily restore it. Jewelry should be removed before swimming or showering.

About The Designer: Peachtree Lane products are crafted in Argyle TX, where owner Rachel lives with her husband Kris. The business has grown over the years from a small side business to a full time endeavor! Rachel fell in love with brass jewelry and loves designing new hand stamped pieces for the Peachtree Lane line.