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Lumina Jewels Isa Necklace | Accessories | June Ruby
Lumina Jewels

Lumina Jewels Isa Necklace | Accessories | June Ruby

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Lumina Jewels Isa Necklace 

Details: 24k Gold plated bone feather pendant, 16k light Gold plated chain

About Lumina Jewels: Lumina Jewels (Romanian for "light") is a jewelry company based out of Nashville, TN, owned and operated by Amy Shamp and her husband Jesse. Since 2014, Amy has been designing jewelry meant to embody light and nature, effortlessly fusing natural with modern. Combined with luxurious gold, metal, and brass, Amy employs the use of genuine natural materials, such as wood, precious and semi-precious stones. Designed to be worn alone or layered together, your Lumina Jewels can take you from day to night with earthy, modern glamour.