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Lover's Tempo Twinkle Ear Jacket | Gold | Earrings | $52
Lover's Tempo

Lover's Tempo Twinkle Ear Jacket | Gold | Earrings | $52

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Shine through your week with this Twinkle Ear Jacket. A subtle touch of sparkle that can be worn two different ways - as a jacket with the chain peaking out from behind your ear or as a simple star stud. 

DetailsSterling Silver Posts. Swarovski Crystals. Plated Base Metal. 2"

About The Designer: Based in Vancouver, Canada Lover’s Tempo jewelry is a collection of thoughtful and beautifully designed pieces for the modern girl.  The line is known for it’s vintage-inspired, Swarovski crystal stud earrings, delicate, layering necklaces and stackable bracelets.

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