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Kitsch Eco-Friendly Reusable Mini Face Rounds | Black | Hair Accessories | $16

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The Eco-Friendly Reusable Face Rounds are your beauty routine's newest necessity. Consciously created from organic cotton and bamboo, these luxuriously soft rounds are kind on your skin & the environment by replacing disposable cotton rounds & balls. Perfect for applying your favorite toner, removing makeup, or use with cleansers. Just toss them in the wash and reuse your rounds again & again!


Benefits: Essential eco-friendly addition to your daily skincare ritual. Soft natural material is gentle on all skin types. Reusable, washable, & reduces waste. Highly absorbent 100% natural fibers. Chemical-free & fully biodegradable. Perfect for gently removing makeup, applying your favorite toner & facial products. Packaging functions as a reusable waterproof travel pouch.

About The Designer: Cassandra Thurswell moved from Wisconsin to LA to be a full time grad student at FIDM. She worked several jobs to sustain herself but took a leap of faith, maxed out all her credit cards and put her focus on Kitch. Kitch became a reality in 2010, armed with 134 tupperware containers of jewelry and 15,983 hair ties (all made by her) she became a woman-owned self-financed company. Today Kitsch sells in over 15k retailers worldwide and over 10 million hair ties sold.