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Finchberry Bath Bomb | Lemon | Beauty & Wellness | $8

Finchberry Bath Bomb | Lemon | Beauty & Wellness | $8

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Bring the fresh-squeezed scent of the Lemon Bath Bomb into your bath time routine to refresh and revitalize your day. With notes of lemon and a hint of pomegranate cream, this bath bomb packs a sweet punch which perfectly recreates the ambiance of a summer afternoon.

Details: Weight: 0.35 lb

The Designer: Finchberry started in a kitchen in Washington DC with Owner/Founder Ashley Robertson as the sole employee. It began as a personal hobby/obsession for a healthier yet fun alternative to the bath and body products currently available in the mass market. After launching the business online and at a few select retail locations in 2013, demand for the fun, yet healthy products soared and led to the variety of FinchBerry products available today.