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Clover Lane

Clover Lane Handmade Jewelry Organizer | Driftwood | Home & Gifts | $30

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Keep your necklaces, rings, bracelets and anklets properly organized with this unique handmade driftwood jewelry hanger. The organizer has 5 hooks, perfect for keeping your go to jewelry front + center and tangle free! 

Give Back Company: Clover Lane Jewelry was created to help make a difference by providing fresh and wholesome meals to those in need. We design affordable simple and modern jewelry, able to be worn for any occasion. Now you can feel good about buying your next piece of jewelry, knowing that every pair sold will feed someone in need. 10% of net profits are donated to local non-profits to provide fresh and wholesome meals to people in need.  Women owned and operated in Ojai, California.

The Designer: It was not until an elderly woman cried out for help on our local community Facebook page. She was recently laid off due to the pandemic and used her social security check to pay her rent which left her penniless for food and other necessities. Lisa read this woman’s post and reached out to her. We gathered up what food and water we could spare and brought it over to her home on Clover Lane, the jewelry line followed.