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Chaser Pineapple Flips | Turquoise | Sandals | $14.99

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What Our Stylist Says: Just plain darling! 

Details: The color is gold Turquoise. 

About The Designer: Raised on rock and roll, Chaser is a contemporary clothing line dedicated to the evolution of style. Designed in Los Angeles, inspired by icons of generations past, the collection is consistently looking forward. Fit, fabrication, hand-feel and construction all reign supreme. Dressed up or dressed down, Chaser remains the authority on cool. Taking a nod from vintage and a page out of music history, the brand leans toward the direction of European taste-makers tempered with a casual modernity. Always experimenting with yarns and dyes, art meets fashion, for a look that is uniquely Chaser.

Style#: CFW100-CHA3184