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Blenders Eyewear M Class X2 Series | Heart Seeker | Sunglasses | $48

1 in stock In Store Only. Contact the boutique and speak to one of our stylist for product availabilty OR come see us at Stanley Marketplace. 303.880.2965

Good style gets the blood pumping, and ‘Heart Seeker’ is undoubtedly a warm rush to the head. There’s a so-not-subtle heat to this design, which matches polarized champagne lenses to a frame that’s an unapologetic standout. The matte, peach-and-black-tortoise pattern fades to a creamy pink-yellow tone with subtle sophistication. It's fashion that comes at ‘em fast and leaves ‘em breathless. 

Details: Gender: Unisex. Frame: Matte Crystal Peach Tortoise. Hinge: Spring Loaded. Lens Color: Polarized Champagne Mirrored. UV Rating: 100% UV Protection. Vibe: Lifestyle.

The Designer: Their Story isn't your typical company story. Everything first popped off when founder, Chase Fisher went to see one of his favorite DJs at a San Diego Nightclub. His neon green “beater” sunglasses received an overwhelmingly positive response, and what started out as a night full of close friends and good music quickly escalated into a full-fledged passion project with sunglasses. After months of research it soon became clear that the market needed a mid-priced eyewear option with the same cool factor as leading styles. That revelation was the moment Blenders was born. //