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BauXo Individual Ring | Jewelry | June Ruby

BauXo Individual Ring | Jewelry | June Ruby

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BauXo Individual Ring in Gold

This three stack ring affect adds detail and charm to your everyday ring. 

Details: 14k gold-plated silver 

Made in Canada 

 Care:  If your jewelry is silver plated, that means it has been cast from brass and dipped in sterling silver. It is best to store your jewelry inside the bag provided, away from oxygen, and next to the provided tarnish strip. Do not expose your BauXo piece to any detergents, perfumes or chemicals. These items will tarnish or strip away the finish of your beautiful new item. Take off your jewelry before washing your hands, applying lotion or spraying perfume. Never wear your jewelry while in the ocean, shower or pool. Use a silver polishing cloth to restore the shine of your jewelry. Avoid silver cleaning solutions or dips as they will prematurely strip the plating.