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Everly Lightweight Pleated Midi | Leopard | Dresses | $66

Everly Lightweight Pleated Midi | Leopard | Dresses | $66

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Two best seller's put together! Makes choosing an outfit easy! V-neckline. Sleeveless top. Elastic waistband. Midi skirt with pleat detail. Fit is true to size. 

Fabric & Care: Lightweight woven 100% poly. Hand wash. Hang to dry. 

The Designer: Fabiana Choi and Adriana Leaw started Everly with the vision to create a line inspired by the world around them. Always collaborating and bringing together their different personalities, their shared passion is what brings the Everly girl to life. The Everly girl is fun and free. She is inspired by other women in her life and love. She is confident and if she fails, she is not afraid to try again.

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