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FaceTory Sky Drops | Hyaluronic Serum | Beauty & Wellness | $18

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Inspired by the feeling of a refreshing morning and a clear blue sky. Provide the skin with a layer of hydration for a fresh and supple appearance. It’s infused with Hyaluronic Acid and Coconut Water, leaving your skin looking dewy and luminous, without feeling sticky! The refreshing formula sinks in fast so your skin remains smooth, even, and radiant throughout the day/night.

Key Ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid- A water-binding humectant ingredient that helps maintain hydration, keeping the skin dewy and luminous. Coconut Water- A nourishing and hydrating ingredient that assists in maintaining skin elasticity and tone.

The Designer: With the number of skincare products out in the market today, discovering what your skin needs can get overwhelming and exhausting. We realized this more and more as we talked to our friends and family. They were confused, intimidated and scared. And we wanted to help! Our philosophy is to create products that are approachable, affordable and functional that we can confidently recommend to our loved ones, especially to our FaceTory family! So with that being said, welcome to the family! We are so excited to have you on board this journey to discover your inner and outer glow.