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FaceTory Hand Sanitizing Mist | Dreamy Dew | Beauty & Wellness | $8

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Dreamy Dew Hand Mist is a sanitizing mist that's easy to take with you on the go! Spray it on your hands and on public surfaces to help kill 99% of bacteria. This sanitizer won't leave your skin dry or sticky as it's formulated with moisturizing ingredients to help replenish the skin and keep your skin barrier strong!

Key Ingredients: 75% Alcohol- This ingredient will help kill bacteria and keep hands clean.  Lemongrass Oil and Tea Tree Leaf Oil- These two ingredients help remove odor while purifying and balancing the skin. Glycerin- This ingredient helps balance the skin and is extra hydrating. It will help add moisture to your skin to prevent it from getting dry.

The Designer: With the number of skincare products out in the market today, discovering what your skin needs can get overwhelming and exhausting. We realized this more and more as we talked to our friends and family. They were confused, intimidated and scared. And we wanted to help! Our philosophy is to create products that are approachable, affordable and functional that we can confidently recommend to our loved ones, especially to our FaceTory family! So with that being said, welcome to the family! We are so excited to have you on board this journey to discover your inner and outer glow.