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Emily McDowell & Friends Pouch | Tears Of My Enemies | Cases | $16.00
Emily McDowell & Friends

Emily McDowell & Friends Pouch | Tears Of My Enemies | Cases | $16.00

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This pouch is the perfect size to hold pens, makeup, money, tissues, gum, a phone, and your unmerciful lasso of flaming justice.

Details: Dimensions: 8.5" x 6.5" 100% cotton canvas pouch. Cotton lining. Gold zipper with fabric tab. Design is printed on both sides of the pouch.

The Designer: Founded in January 2013 by writer and illustrator Emily McDowell, we make products that speak to the human condition with honesty, humor, and heart. Our cards are designed for the relationships we really have, and our mission is to help people connect when they’re not sure what to say. We believe humanity is an endless source of inspiration, and we find it creepily satisfying whenever a customer asks if we've been reading their diary, because it means we're doing something right.

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