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Lover's Tempo

Lover's Tempo Lana Cotton Scarf | Milk | Hair Accessories | $22

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The Lana cotton scarf is a lightweight cotton kerchief with multiple ways to wear it. Tie it artfully around the neck, wear it as a bandanna or a headband. It can be knotted around a scrunchie for a flowy accent, tied around a bag strap for a pop of color, or worn as a makeshift face mask when you inevitably forget yours while running to the store.

Details: 100% cotton fabrics. Durable elastic. Lt logo icon tag. 38” long (end to end), 17” wide (side to point).

The Designer: Based in Vancouver, Canada Lover’s Tempo jewelry is a collection of thoughtful and beautifully designed pieces for the modern girl.  The line is known for it’s vintage-inspired, Swarovski crystal stud earrings and delicate layering pieces.