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Deux Lux

Deux Lux James Cosmetic | Indigo | Cases | $38

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Details: Give your tolietries a home that doesn't involve falling into the sink every other day. They deserve better and you'll love the ability to grab and go. Cruelty-free non-leather. 10 x 5 x 4.5" 

 About The Designer: Inspired by art, architecture, movies, vintage jewelry, the runways, and (our favorite muse) color, Deux Lux strives to bring grace and whimsy to every collection in a way that is accessible to all women. Deux Lux bags are always designed with the word "happy" in mind. 

Peta approved Vegan, in honor of the Deux Lux Mascot, Dylan--a lovable chocolate lab--all products are animal-friendly synthetics.

Style#: DL1017-156