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Blenders Eyewear SciFi Series | Savage River | Sunglasses | $58

1 in stock In Store Only. Contact the boutique and speak to one of our stylist for product availabilty OR come see us at Stanley Marketplace. 303.880.2965

Ferocity has a new face and it’s 'Savage River.' The steez here is otherworldly, with a clear frame dazzled by crystal teal, rose violet, and solid black in a tremendous tortoise pattern flowing from frame to tips. The expansive, singular polarized blue-green lens at front is an azure rush that caps off a killer colorway.

Details: Frame: Gloss Crystal Clear with Black, Teal and Purple Tortoise. Lens Color: Polarized Blue Mirrored. UV Rating: 100% UV Protection. Vibe: Progressive.

The Designer: Their Story isn't your typical company story. Everything first popped off when founder, Chase Fisher went to see one of his favorite DJs at a San Diego Nightclub. His neon green “beater” sunglasses received an overwhelmingly positive response, and what started out as a night full of close friends and good music quickly escalated into a full-fledged passion project with sunglasses. After months of research it soon became clear that the market needed a mid-priced eyewear option with the same cool factor as leading styles. That revelation was the moment Blenders was born. //