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Funky Monkey No Show | Flamingo | Socks | $4.99
Funky Monkey

Funky Monkey No Show | Flamingo | Socks | $4.99

$8.00 $4.99
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Expand your footwear essentials. 

Details: Super-soft cotton blend for breathability and all-day comfort. Includes one pair of socks. Fits sizes 6 to 10. 80% cotton. 20% spandex. Machine wash. Tumble dry. 

About The Designer: Ever dream of taking a crazy leap of faith, kissing the daily grind behind and doing something you really, really love? Of blending one part passion with a healthy dose of optimism and a genuine desire to shake up the old-school way of doing business? That's exactly what Jenny did when she founded Funky Monkey Fashion Accessories - a small little e-commerce venture that quickly grew into a unique business built by a team of amazing women!