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Lenny & Eva Berklee | Lapis | Necklaces | $38
Lenny & Eva

Lenny & Eva Berklee | Lapis | Necklaces | $38

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Wear this necklace as a daily reminder to be the best version of you. Genuine semi-precious gemstones are perfect for setting your intention for the day. Each necklace arrives gift-ready on a signature story card, highlighting the stone and the properties it promotes.  

Details: 15-17", adjustable. 12K Gold plate. Genuine labradorite spike charm with gold detail. Handcrafted in Tennessee. 

About The Designer: In 2013 Lenny & Eva was launched out of an old garage in little downtown of Baxter, Tennessee (population 1300) renovated to be the best headquarters that ever lived. A few times a week the train rolls through the middle of town, on warm days we open the back door and listen to the laughter of the kids on the playground at the nearby elementary school, and at 5:00 every day, the church bells across the street chime, “How Great Thou Art.” Like I said, it’s magical. ~Kellie & The Lenny & Eva Family