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Funky Monkey Macrame BOHO | Cream | Earrings | $22
Funky Monkey

Funky Monkey Macrame BOHO | Cream | Earrings | $22

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So laid back, yet so intentional... Well, these macrame earrings are just what you need! These are great accessories to add to your fall outfits. Not too heavy, not too small, but the perfect size for your look! 

Details: 3" from top to bottom and 1.5" wide

About The Designer: Ever dream of taking a crazy leap of faith, kissing the daily grind behind and doing something you really, really love? Of blending one part passion with a healthy dose of optimism and a genuine desire to shake up the old-school way of doing business? That's exactly what Jenny did when she founded Funky Monkey Fashion Accessories - a small little e-commerce venture that quickly grew into a unique business built by a team of amazing women!