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Black Friday!

Here we are the cusp of Black Friday and we're lucky that we already know what will be selling off the racks.

Last weekend our Denver store hosted a pre-Black Friday event, and there were a number of items that almost everyone wanted to try on, everyone loved and quite a few actually bought. Coupled with a pre-Black Friday promotion, the incentive was there to look good at a great price.


This Bailey44 dress was the envy of all shoppers. Faux leather bottom, silky top, short sleeve and forgiving, make this a wonder dress. Dress it up and wear it to your holiday party with some high heeled booties in patent leather. Or keep it simple for work with flats or low-rise ankle booties with tights. It will be a winner at work, after work and at your fiance's mother's house for Christmas (you know, so you give the "right" impression.).

The second favorite of the night was this Joie sweater dress. This is a MUST for those of you with a good backside. You know who you are. Pair it with leggings and boots and you'll be the envy of the ladies in town. We promise, you'll be that hot mom, we all aspire to be.

Alas, the sexiest legging in all the land, is this pair from Velvet. The faux leather front with a zipper at the cuff make legs look a mile long, even for those of us around 5'. These are a must save for date night or a night on the town with the ladies. These are not the leggings you throw for soccer games and trips to Target. These are dress up leggings and we think its about time that people have two different pair. After all, who wants to go our at night wearing the same pants they wore to sit in a grassy field watching their four year old try to make a goal? You're going out, show off the gams, get in store rewards when you buy, and at home rewards when you get home.

Come on in this Friday, or buy online, and get whatever you need to make this holiday season the best it can be for you. June Ruby stores will be open Friday 10am-9pm. The Black Friday promotion is a great deal: A free $50 gift card for every $200 in purchases and double Ruby Rewards points.